Frameless Glass Door Installation and Replacement

Thinking about updating your bathroom with new shower door glass? Maybe your windows could use better weather-proofing? You have many choices to make when it comes to glass replacement!

Updating your shower with a new door completely changes your bathroom’s look, especially if you’ve previously had a shower curtain. Suddenly you have a shower that no longer leaks, and that looks far bigger than it once did.

Many homeowners go with a frameless glass door for their showers – they’re the easiest type to keep clean because they have no tracks. However, installing one takes patience and know-how, not to mention special tools. Frameless doors have glass that’s thicker than their framed counterparts, so they’re heavier, which means installation must follow extremely specific guidelines. This isn’t a DIY project for most people!

No matter what sort of glass-related project you’re taking on, it’s a good idea to check a few things on your list of contractors. Experience is crucial—you want someone who has literally seen it all, so they know exactly what to do in the case of unexpected circumstances. Make sure your bids compare closely in scope, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need clarification. An honest contractor will answer your questions openly; they have nothing to hide! Ask about warranty, whether it covers but materials and labor.

Last but not least, check references. You’ll want to know that previous customers were generally satisfied, especially if the crew had to tackle any challenging situations.

Hiring a pro to handle glass repair or replacement projects will lead to a worry-free installation plus years of useful life – a good return on your investment.

Commercial Window Glass Installation and Maintenance Services

Among the wide array of commercial glass services needed to design, maintain, and renew commercial window glass, it is easy to Nashville Commercial Glass Servicesassume that expertise in one service translates into expertise in another. This is not the case with commercial glass tinting, though, which is a craft that should only be entrusted to proven artisans with satisfied customers. Fortunately in Nashville just such a company exists in the form of Evans Glass Company, local providers of commercial glass services, among them commercial glass tinting, for over fifty years.

You can feel confident that bringing your commercial window glass to them is a safe move and good investment because of the wellspring of testimonials affirming their quality of service. Not only do they leave behind happy customers, but they also leave amazing feats of design and ingenuity in their manipulation of materials. For an idea of the scope of their previous projects, simply glance through the specialties listed on their website and design history.

Evans Glass Company can transform your commercial window glass into whatever you dream of it becoming, whether that involves commercial glass tinting or one of their more common but equally impressive commercial glass services. Afterwards you can rest your conscience doubly well knowing that you’ve not only made the best choice for yourself, but you’ve patronized a loyal and loved Nashville company with your business!

Evans Glass Co. offers glass products for some of Tennessee’s finest commercial buildings and offices. Know more about our commercial glass services and maintenance programs at

Know More About Your Commercial Glass Doors

Commercial builder owners and managers as much as you don’t want to hear it, at some point one of your windows or doors will fail, whether it begins leaking or breaks. When that happens, you’ll want to know what to do for Nashville glass services.

Glass Door ReplacementIf you look around, you’ll see glass seemingly everywhere: you might have a commercial glass door, or storefront windows, tables, mirrors, safety partitions, the list goes on and on. Some good news: glass often comes in sections, so it can be repaired in situ rather than having to be completely replaced, allowing your contractor to work more quickly and efficiently.

If you have to do a full glass door replacement, be sure to hire a pro to do the work. You don’t want the hassle of removing and replacing heavy glass components! Besides, a high-quality contractor will board up the area and make it secure.

While you’re looking into contractors, ask about options for the glass. Some glass reflects heat and is highly energy efficient. Also consider tempered glass, which has increased strength against cracks and breaks. One option you may not have known about is decorated glass that is etched with your business logo and information. Commercial glass door can also serve as a privacy screen.

Once you know your options, you can make the best decision for your building.

Replace, repair or tint your windows for a new look and better energy efficiency

Was your house drafty last winter? Did you find yourself reaching for a sweater or blanket on most chilly nights? If so, it might be time to consider window glass replacement or window glass tinting to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Residential_Window_ReplacementReplacing your existing glass with insulated glass can make a huge difference in your heating and cooling bills. Insulated glass most often comes in double- or triple-pane, designed to provide a more temperate environment for your home, keeping heat in or out depending on the season. Look for window glass replacement panes with a low U-factor, which measures how much heat, passes through glass. Also check the SHGC factor, which tracks how much heat you’re gaining from absorbed sunlight. Your residential glass repair company will be able to advise you on the ratings for your various window glass replacement options, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Another option to consider in residential glass repair is window glass tinting. Tinting can provide greater energy efficiency and reduce fading of valuable furniture, rugs, and finishes by blocking UV rays. In addition, the thin coating provided by tinting adds an extra bit of energy efficiency.

Whether you have an historic home and want to preserve the look of your character-defining windows, or a newer home and simply want to match what’s there, you’ll find you can do it with window glass replacement or residential glass repair. Be sure to find a glass contractor that’s experienced with residential glass replacement of varying types and your investment will pay off for years to come.

Window Glass Repair and Replacement Services in Nashville

Winter’s on its way—is your inefficient doors and windows letting out too much heat and costing you money? Consider contacting a Nashville glass company and looking into glass door replacement or a replacement glass window. New, insulated glass doors or windows can make a big difference in your heating bill’s bottom line. Here’s a brief guide to replacements:

Check with your Nashville glass company for manufacturer’s specifications on U-factor and SHGC ratings. The replacement glass window or glass door replacement should have low ratings for each of these. The U-factor measure’s passage of heat through glass—with lower ratings being more energy efficient. Lower SHGC ratings mean your replacement glass is reducing solar gain, which in turn means less heat from absorbed sunlight.

Insulated glass is another specification you want to consider. Double- or triple-pane insulated glass will reduce energy costs and give you a more comfortable living environment. Make sure you ask the company doing your glass door replacement or replacement glass window about your specific product. The insulating efficiency of an insulated glass window is determined by the space between the windows and is normally given as the window’s R-value. The higher the R-value, the more efficient your window or door! Using Argon gas in an insulated window typically raises the R-value. The type of glass itself can also raise the R-value, and if the glass is coated, it can raise the R-value even more.

Contact a Nashville glass company today and schedule a quote for replacing your inefficient doors or windows—you’ll spend a little now, but you’ll save for years!

Consider Shower Door Glass Replacement Rather Than Sopping

Framless Shower DoorIf you’re thinking about replacing your shower door glass, there are lots of options at your disposal. It’s important to find a professional who’s experienced in glass door repair or glass repair and replacement in order to get the best deal and installation available.

A new shower door can completely change the look of your bathroom—glass doors are easy to clean and can make your bathroom seem bigger instantly. They’re a great choice if you’re tired of sopping up water that’s gotten past your shower curtain after all, there’s nothing wrong with wanting your shower to be watertight!

Or maybe you already have a glass shower, but you’re interested in repairing or replacing the doors. You can still change the whole look of your shower quickly with new shower door glass.

Shower doors come in one of two configurations: framed or frameless. Frameless doors are easier to keep clean (no track or “frame”), but they weigh more because they require thicker glass. They also require specialized knowledge and tools, so if you decide to go with a frameless look, it’s imperative to have a glass repair or replacement specialist do the work. Framed doors are much more common—they run on a track. They are lighter and generally less expensive. Homeowners can sometimes do this type of work themselves, though often they find it more cost-effective to have a pro handle glass door repair projects, or glass repair replacement, for a worry-free installation (not to mention warrantied labor!).

Architectural Glass Design and Installation – Reflecting on Glass

The world of glass offers infinite variations of kind and quality for designers and consumers depending on the situation. Over the history of glass work, the options have expanded from mainly commercial to include residential glass design and highly specialized glass repair companies, as well as increasingly study architectural glass. A brief history of the craft is useful for gaining perspective on just how far we’ve come.

Architectural GlassToday, architectural glass is most often used in building materials for large-scale projects such as external window walls and internal transparent glazing on the building envelope. The earliest form of architectural glass did not resemble the versatile brands we’re surrounded with, though. Rome’s oldest buildings offer us a glimpse of what the art looked like starting off with its remnants of cast glass windows found in upper class villas and places of importance, still bearing many optical impurities that had yet to be removed during production.

Residential glass design continued to evolve with the development of the crown glass production method, which consisted of rapidly spinning hot, blown glass and using centrifugal force to create a flat sheet that could then be trimmed to the desired shape. Residential glass during this era often took the form diaper lattice glass, because the diamond shape was easily crafted from the flat crown glass sheet.

During these early stages, the production of glass was still a very costly process, and a glass repair company would have been no different from a glass making company in terms of price. As rolled plate glass and float glass developed, though, the thought of a glass repair company seemed increasingly logical. People no longer had to commission all new creations in response to a nick or chip and today we enjoy the most affordable glass history has ever seen.

Nashville Glass Repair and Replacement Services

When you’re looking for a reliable Nashville glass company for glass replacement service or simply glass repair service, you want a company as strong as the glass it sells you. Evans Glass Company is just that kind of business; it has survived a litany of financial crises from the fiasco under the Carter administration to the current fallout from the sub prime mortgage crisis without ever sacrificing quality to its customers. Impressively, business has not fallen off under any of these crises because people still know where to get the best glass in town, whether for luxury or necessity occasions.

This Nashville glass company has been providing the community with reliable glass replacement service and glass repair service for over 50 years, since it started back in 1956 in the Melrose area before moving to Cornelia Street. With a wide array of customers from architects to homeowners to contractors and designers, Evans is a window glass company to some and an intensive commercial remodeling business to others. And even at a residential level, Evans offers far more than the title of window glass company would suggest. No project is too complex or specific- from customized mirrors to elaborate shower decorations, anything is possible.

Beyond its commercial offerings of glass repair service and glass replacement service, Evans gives back the community in another very important way as well. This Nashville glass company works to raise funds and awareness for the Salama Institute, showing its dedication to the community beyond that of any other window glass company I know of. Its user-friendly website is replete with positive testimonials, lively blog posts, and easy-to-get quotes that can meet the needs of any client. Happy shopping!!

Residential Glass Repair and Replacement Service in Nashville

Residential Glass ReplacementIf you are looking for affordable commercial or residential glass products and services, look no further that Evans Glass Company. In addition to commercial glass products and services, they also provide residential glass repair and residential glass replacement. They can take care of everything from glass shower doors to glass tabletops and so much more. They are happy to assist you with all your commercial and residential glass needs.

Their residential glass repair services are topnotch with reasonable pricing. Evans also prides itself with their residential glass replacement products, and their warranty is unbeatable. A few of their products include custom wall and vanity mirrors, glass countertops, cabinet glass, glass shelving and more. Photos of some of their projects can be seen on their website –

As far as their residential glass repair and residential glass replacement products and services, they work diligently to meet the requests of the customers. They are accustomed to doing unusual projects ranging from installation of oversize custom mirrors to rounded glass shower enclosures. They are happy to work with each individual on his or her commercial or residential glass projects, and they aim to please even the most discriminating customer!

For over 50 years, Evans Glass Company has provided products and services to homeowners, architects, interior designers and remodeling contractors to name a few. They would love to help you with your glass needs. Feel free to check out their website for more information, or call them at 615-361-8788.